NYC-Based Voice Talent  + Multimedia Audio Producer




Scott talks a lot - for a lot of products and companies you may have heard of, and many you probably haven't.

Some folks call him a voice actor, others a voice talent, and others....well, the descriptions are "colorful", to say the least.

He lives, works, eats, drinks, and breathes in New York City....which doesn't need him to speak for it at all.

He’s versatile, takes direction well, and can authentically sound like a borderline teenager/twentysomething all the way up to a crusty ancient geezer, and all points in-betwixt.

People regularly book Scott for their projects because he sounds like:

    - an over-caffeinated kid

    - a standard-issue middle-aged corporate narrator

    - a not-so-standard-issue middle-aged corporate narrator

    - a Sam Elliott-esque cowboy

    - a know-it-all technogeek

    - a badass Sons Of Anarchy-ish biker

    - your friendly (and perhaps slighty quirky/eccentric) next door neighbor

    - a R. Lee Ermey-flavored drill sergeant

    - a detached, twenty-something hipster

    - his deep-voiced, Southern-drawling Uncle Robert

    ... just to name a few.

Oh, he does animal and monster sounds, too.

And indecipherable alien voices in spontaneously-generated languages.


Scott has a full-on home studio filled with lots of pro-grade tools/toys and vocal booth, ensuring you'll get a clean VO track for your broadcast commercial, website video, animated feature, news promo, live production, corporate presentation, voicemail message, bat mitzvah/quinceañera...whatever floats your boat.

He’s a professional with decades of experience who's easy to work with, yet hard to pigeonhole - hit the “Work” page and see for yourself - and if you hear something you like but want something uniquely different for your project, don't be afraid to ask.

Thanks for stopping by!




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